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I’d Better Introduce Myself

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Lucky Full-time Professional Magician

How did it all start I hear you ask? Well if you are comfortable then I shall begin.

I don’t remember exactly how old I was but it was certainly between 6 and 10 years old that I was given a Paul Daniels Magic set after being thrown out of Cubs after 3 weeks for refusing to take a part in any of the activities.

I remember playing with the shrinking and growing magic wand, the little plastic paddle and the rope/ring but being a shy child kept what I’d learnt to myself.

When the teenage years came around, new and more important endeavours put magic on hold completely and I thought my magician years had been left behind forever.

It was in my last term of my last year in University, where I was doing a television production course, that I was diagnosed with cancer and had several long stays in the hospital.

It was here that a friend bought me what they thought of as a novelty present. A cheap plastic set of cups and balls.

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My First Professional Magician Event

It secretly started off the passion that had lain dormant in me for the good part of 9 years. From there it all kicked off and I started learning all the close-up magic I could get my hands on and spent every hour of free time either reading, watching or practising magic.

Magic helped me shake off my shyness with strangers and I became a shameless showman.

Whenever I left the house I would have pockets full of magic, whether I was out with friends or at the workplace, and I wasn’t afraid to perform to anyone in the vicinity.

It was from a colleague where I got my first professional event. The Pool Bar on Old Street. I took a huge case of every magic trick I’d ever bought and therefore spent half the gig looking through my props rather than working the room.

My real training in magic began here. Even though I was extremely nervous people at the event loved what I did and started inviting me to perform at their events. Most notably a club night at the Bloomsbury Bowl called “Pin Up” which ran once a month for an entire year in 2007.

They say that time flies when you’re having fun and that is certainly the case for me with many highlights that I will treasure.

As a total science nerd, I was very excited when I was asked to perform at the Humanist of the year awards 2011.

I got to perform for many scientists and academics such as Peter Atkins (Former Professor of Chemistry at Oxford), Lawrence Krauss (renowned theoretical physicist), AC Grayling (Philosopher) and Richard Dawkins (evolutionary biologist). They all loved my act and it is something I will remember forever.

“Great magician! The crowd at our event loved him. Neil was engaging, professional and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend his services.”
Senel Besim
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I'm Trusted With Some Of The Most Important Days

Other highlights include working the Christmas Party for the company BP at Twickenham Stadium and working with one of the top magicians in the country for an investment bank at a very swanky private members club.

Of the many things that continue to motivate me and fuels my passion, the one that tops the list are the people who have enjoyed my magic and then trusted me with the most important of days such as weddings, anniversaries and landmark birthdays.

To then receive written letters and emails from them thanking me for adding an extra touch of magic to the day is really the icing on a well-decorated cake.

With so many years of professionally performing for different audiences, it has been an amazing learning experience and although it is now second nature to me there is always more to learn and new amazing people to meet and share a magical experience with.

I hope you have enjoyed my quick biography. Enjoy looking at the rest of my website.

Reviews and Testimonials

"Neil's brand of magic is fun, safe and spellbinding for all ages. Having seen his magic online as well as up close I know he is a master of his art and was a great addition when we last met at his bar residencey in central London. I can highly recommend Neil for any event or social get together that needs an extra bit of sparkle and edge, so if you are thinking of something a little different to present to your guests I can guarantee he will fit the bill."
Stephen Cassano