5 Top tips when hiring a magician

A Quick Guide


Amateur Vs Professional

Magic for the most part, as with most entertainment such as music, starts off as a hobby. There are plenty of hobbyist magicians in the world, many of them excellent, and many at some point set up a website and have a few photos taken.

Performing for your own friends and family is a different experience to having to introduce yourself to strangers, entertain them and work around a room in a professional manner. It is very difficult and can take many years to perfect it.

This is not to say that you should avoid an amateur magician at all costs but just to be aware of the demands an event puts on the entertainer and hiring one with experience can ensure everyone has a great time and no hiccups occur.flourish-m

Originality and Style

The kind of magician you want will depend on your event’s theme and your own personal taste. There are magicians with bright colored clothing and wacky sense of humour, serious and mysterious mind readers, suave and sophisticated etc.

It is good to have an idea of what sort of magic entertainer you want. If you don’t then ask the magician you are thinking of hiring what makes them the one for your event.

Corporate day out

Hiring a magician is becoming far more popular these days and many people have seen one or two magicians at previous events. There are several “stock” effects that are popular amongst magicians such as turning a £10 note into a £50, a signed playing card being found in the magician’s wallet, a borrowed wedding ring being found on a keyring etc. All of which are amazing magic tricks which are guaranteed to amaze your guests but if your guests have seen magic live and up close before they could be experiencing déjà vu.



Costs can vary widely depending on the experience of the performer and what you want at your event. A known name doing a full stage show is going to be in the thousands while a local hobbyist magician just starting out might be £100.

A good indicator of cost would be to think in between £300 and £1000 for a good local professional magician. When you inquire into price you are most likely going to be asked about your event and then packages will be suggested which could mean anything from an hour of mingling with your guests to an hour long sit down show.

This is the reason you won’t find prices on most magician’s websites as each event can have wildly different requirements.


Ask Questions

You need to know that your event and your guests/clients are in good hands so ask questions.  Good questions would be:

Performing at a Residence
Neil Can be Seen Performing Before Hiring.
  • Ask what professional experience they have
  • What different options do they have and what they recommend for your event
  • Do they have testimonials they can share from previous clients?
  • What kind of magic do they perform?


Watch them Perform

Many professional magicians have public events or shows. Some have residencies at local restaurants or bars. This is a perfect opportunity for you to experience for yourself the entertainment you are thinking of having for your event. When watching a professional magician perform in person you can see how they interact with you and other people, giving you the information you need to decide if they are the perfect match.

If they don’t have any public shows, then a promotional video is always good to look for. When watching don’t look for flashy magic tricks done for the camera but look for magic being performed at a real event with reactions from real people.

Having a magician at an event can really have a massive impact due to its personal touch. People attending get to experience something unbelievable and fun, often right in front of their eyes. An entertaining performance put on just for them, making them feel like a VIP.


For many it is one of the memorable highlights of the event and a great magician will have your guests thanking you for the great entertainment.

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Testimonial from L.E.R.A

Here is a testimonial from Lambeth Estate Residents’ Association.


“Thank you for adding so much fun to our Valentine’s Day ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ party. You had all ages spellbound – it was magic itself to see the concentration, surprise and smiles on everyone’s faces!”


Local Newspaper Article on Neil Edwards

The Bromley Times Have Done an Article on How I Started in Magic


Neil Edwards ~ Kent News
A story of how Neils love of magic had driven him to beat cancer

Neil Edwards Article

Transcription Of Full News Article

‘Magic let me in,’ says performer who beat cancer and gave up job Neil Edwards, 39, tells Tom Pyman how magic helped him overcome testicular cancer and why the “introverted show-off” is giving up his TV career to follow his dream of becoming a professional

A CHISLEHURST magician has told the story of how his love of magic has driven him to beat testicular cancer and now pack in his career to perform full time.

Neil Edwards, 39, worked in a media archive for a business news channel, but has now taken the bold step of leaving a secure job to follow his dream of becoming a professional. He told KoS: “Giving up my job scares the hell out of me but I want to follow my dream and it’s something I would always regret if I didn’t do it.

“I have my own weekly magic night in a cocktail bar in central London, which brings in some money but going full-time was a big step.

“I was mulling it over and everyone said ‘why don’t you just go for it?’ “I’ve had a lot of hobbies over the years, like astronomy and DJing, but magic is the one thing that has stuck.

It defines me. “Even when I worked in TV when someone asked what I do, I’d say I’m a magician.

“Apparently only one in 70 people have truly seen magic close up, and therefore I see it as a responsibility to show them how good it can be.

“Everyone has been extremely supportive of my decision – not a single person has said ‘you shouldn’t do this,’ if anything they’ve said ‘it’s about time.’”

Mr Edwards’ passion for magic didn’t stem from childhood, but rather the way it kept him occupied when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer aged 19, during a university course in Ashington, just north of Newcastle.

“The illness lasted nine or ten months,” he said. “I noticed a lump and ignored it, before eventually going to my GP who immediately sent me to the hospital and within a day and a half I was in surgery to have it removed.

“Some tests came back as inconclusive and the cancer could have spread so I underwent courses of chemotherapy.

“I was lucky because my survival chances were 98 per cent but it was still a really difficult time.

“I wasn’t able to work for nine months and my hair fell out – although I’m nearly 40 now so I’m back where I started.

“It was pretty scary – there’s going to be fear when people shout ‘the big C’ at you, and it’s eye-opening going to cancer day centres where people are in a bad way.

“For me, though, the overriding emotion was probably boredom.

At 19, you just want to go out and do things but with the cancer, you can’t go very far and have to be careful.

“While in the hospital, a friend bought me a cheap, plastic magic set, which consisted of three little egg cups and three sponge balls and I just became obsessed playing with them.

“Within three or four months I had mastered everything and my passion continued to grow from there.

“A joke present has essentially brought me to where I am now.

“I had all this time and magic was my escape, and if it wasn’t for this whole situation I wouldn’t be doing what I am today.”

As well as helping him overcome illness, magic has been invaluable to Mr Edwards in social circles, and it was through his performances that he met his partner of 10 years, Michelle.

“I’ve always been an introverted show-off,” he said. “At a party, I would sit quietly in the corner but would do things and slowly begin to attract attention.

Magic let me in. “I met Michelle because I was performing for friends in a pub and that helped break the ice a little bit because otherwise, I would have been quite shy.

“On a night out I’ll have pockets full of cards, rope and forks that I can bend.

“I’m always happy to perform and with just a few props like that you can get hours of material.”

While family and friends have always been supportive of his magic, Mr Edwards admits his obsession can grate at times for those around him.

He said: “It can be an annoyance to people around me when I am practising – I’ll be in the room but I’m not in the room, because I’m so engrossed in the magic.

“It drives Michelle mad because I’m always looking at stuff, if I see a salt shaker I’ll be wondering what I can do with it, my mind is always whirring.

“Also some of my best ideas come to me about five minutes before I go to sleep, so I annoy her by having to get out of bed to find a notepad and pen to write it down.

“I’m definitely a perfectionist and my own harshest critic but you have to be in this business.

“Every trick I do I take it away and change it slightly because I think it can always be improved – I could do it 10,000 times and it still wouldn’t be right.

“I’ve tried tricks before and some people just don’t get it, much like when a comedian tests out a few jokes before a gig.

“I don’t see that as frustrating, it’s just part of the process, and it’s never a total loss because I’ve learned a skill, and rather than bin the idea altogether I just think of how I can alter it slightly and present it in a better way.”

While Mr Edwards says he admires the glamorous show-stopping acts performed by the likes of David Blaine, Dynamo and Derren Brown, Neil Edwards is following his dream of being a professional performer  he says he’s more comfortable performing up close and personal.

“The buzz is from the reaction – the look in the person’s eye where they don’t believe what they’ve just seen is an incredible feeling.

“I never get bored of seeing someone’s jaw drop, or their eyes pop out.

“It’s about the aesthetic exploration of mystery, and while all art forms explore mystery, magic is the only one solely about mystery.

“Most people don’t realise how powerful it is until they see it up close, and that’s why I do it.

“The stunts are not my cup of tea – there are certainly no plans for me to be swinging from the QEII bridge anytime soon.”

kentnews.co.uk – January 10, 2016


Christmas Party 2015

Seasonal Fun & Entertainment


Christmas is my busiest period and I get to attend and entertain at many a festive celebration.

The following photographs were provided by an attending party goer at the Christmas party of Central & Cecil.

It was a wonderful party and a joy to perform at.

Christmas Party in Central LondonChristmas Party in Central London Christmas Party in Central London Christmas Party in Central London

Would you like a Magician for your Christmas and New years Party?

Contact Neil to Check for Availability Over the Festive Period.


Garden Party Testimonial

I received a lovely email from Bella who hired me for a garden party to celebrate here husbands birthday. This was sent as a testimonial:


“Neil’s magic had everyone entertained from the start and got the party going on just the right note. So many of our guests have commented on the amazing tricks. Amazing!”


Elegant Magic on YouTube

Elegant Magic has a new channel on Youtube


Which will be updated regularly with all sorts of great video content

The channel is there not only to keep you up to date with the latest rumblings from Elegant Magic Towers but will have advice on what to look out for when booking entertainment, exclusive performances of some of Neil’s favourite effects and tutorials of easy to perform magic you can do to astonish your friends and family.

Please Visit The Elegant Magic Youtube Channel


Wedding Testimonial

performing-tunbridge-wellsA great Testimonial from Harry and Julie who got married on 29th August at High Rocks near Tunbridge Wells.

A beautiful couple, a lovely venue and a great day.


Dear Neil,

On behalf of myself and my new husband, we would both like to say a massive thank you for entertaining our guests during our wedding breakfast. 

Throughout the meal I kept hearing lots of laughter and clapping and when I looked over to see what they were clapping for, it was you! Lots of people came back to us to say how good you were and from the performance you gave to us on the day you really did leave us feeling amazed!

Thank you very much, will definitely keep you in mind for any future parties.”