Close Up Magic Breaks the Ice and Creates Laughter

Amaze your friends and family

You've hired a great space or prepared your house for your party

Guests been Entertained Amazing a table outside a bar Family amazed Delighting with a trick with a eleastic pand Performing to a table at a cocktail bar Neil performing a trick with rope
“Neil did a fantastic job in keeping my guests entertained through welcome drinks and dinner, I always knew where in the room he was as I heard the sighs of disbelief or the enormous applauses. Thank you Neil for an amazing few hours, I will definitely be recommending you and I have kept your details for our next event.”

Lisa Robbins ~ Event Organiser

Create a extraordinary party

Video: Close-up Magic is Perfect for ANY Function

Get guests talkinging with a great shared experience.

An amazing conversation starter for everyone

The place is decorated, the drinks are ready, the food is prepped and the guests have started to arrive.

Have you thought of how to keep them entertained?

This is where I, come in.

Imagine having a professional magician mingling amongst your friends and family creating bursts of spontaneous applause, shared laughter and delighted gasps of surprise and disbelief.

Close-up magic is an great interactive form of entertainment which means not only are your guests entertained but they are an integral part of the act.
My magic is designed to break the ice by having the magic happen right in front of their eyes or actually in their hands.

It is an amazing conversation starter for everyone, whether they are old friends or new acquaintances.

Which means not only are your guests entertained but they are an integral part of the act.

This is the amazing thing about magic as a form of live entertainment, most people have never seen it first-hand performed by a professional, which means your guests are going to be a part of something they have never experienced before.
This will make your party stand out, be memorable and a great success.


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