FREE Wedding day timeline/itinerary planner

Please feel free to download this PDF planner.

A Guide to using the form

After you download the form you can start to fill it out and email it to the relevant people. The original document can also be amended for any last-minute changes.

This is the form.

First of all you can add a hashtag of your choosing next to the # icon.

Then add the wedding day date under the title.

This is the header area.

Fill out the days itinerary for the groomsmen and bridesmaids in the time slots.

You can also add the contact details of the core wedding party members for any questions.

Contact details area.

This is a example of what it looks like when completed.

You will want to make it a standard uneditable PDF before emailing it out.

Select File/Print from your PDF menu.

Select Microsoft Print to PDF and save it to your computer.

Once it has been saved, the boxes will have been removed from the document and it should be a flat PDF.