What on Earth is a Magic Wedding Emcee?

Simply put it is a combination of a magician with an Emcee/toastmaster. 


 However, this doesn’t explain why you need me at your wedding, nor would it make for much of a blog post so let’s talk about emcee role and how I can make sure your wedding day, not only runs like clockwork, but is full of fun, surprises and makes a day that everyone will remember for all the right reasons. 

Neil Edwards, Magic Wedding Emcee entertaining wedding guests


For the sake of everyone’s sanity I shall be using the term Emcee from now on but essentially a toastmaster is the same thing. 

During a wedding there are certain parts of the day where announcements need to be made so that everyone attending knows where they need to be or what is happening next. Common examples are: 

  • Calling everyone to take their places for dinner (wedding breakfast) 
  • Announcing the bride and groom into the wedding breakfast 
  • Being the host for the speeches. Introducing each speaker in turn 
  • Making other announcements such as the cake cutting and the first dance 
  • Being on hand to deal with any issues that arise 
  • Keeping the day on track and on time 

These announcements are an absolute must for your big day and there are usually 3 traditional solutions to this. Getting the venue to make the announcements, an usher or other guest and a traditional toastmaster. 

I will explain briefly why you might prefer getting the magic wedding emcee instead 

Walk in to your wedding breakfast to your chosen song with your guests clapping and singing

The Venue Staff 

Unless you organise something else this is usually the default. Your venue event coordinator will make all the announcements, however their primary concern during the day is to make sure the kitchen is serving food on time, managing the waiting staff, the bar and many other duties in the background. Making announcements is often not part of the job they enjoy. 

 I have on many occasions seen staff negotiating with each other about who must do the announcement bit. At one wedding I even saw the staff drawing lots to see who had to be the emcee for the day, and the person who lost had to begrudgingly take on that role. 

If you want your wedding announcements done well, you need someone who is committed, experienced, enthusiastic and is focused on that role. 

A Guest 

This is also a very popular choice and is usually the best man or an usher/s who assigned the role and to be honest on the surface it makes perfect sense. They know you and having taken on a bridal party role so you might as well set them to work. 

However, there are a few things to note, most importantly, can you trust whomever you nominate to stay sober up until the cake cutting or first dance? Secondly do they have any experience in making announcements and can make sure the right things are said, or more importantly, trusted to not say the wrong things? It might be better to let all your guests enjoy the day, meaning you can also relax knowing an experienced professional will be making the right announcements at the right time with the right tone. 

A traditional toastmaster 

The traditional toastmaster profession has been around for many years, and you may have seen one at a wedding or wedding fair. They wear a bright red coat and are often seen banging a gavel. 

They are usually ex-forces or retired police and although they are usually very good at public speaking the announcements are most likely going to be very formal. A toastmaster often comes with your venues package which means you don’t get to pick the kind of emcee you want and very often I have seen a toastmaster rock up on the day and get the running order and the couple’s names on the day by asking the venue staff or even worse looking at the seating plan! 

Making all the important announcements in an clear and entertaining fashion

Why the magic Emcee is the ideal choice 

I decided to offer Emcee services after many years of seeing such an important part of the day done so poorly and failing to get the guests excited about the day’s celebrations. 

 As a magician and an emcee not only do your guests get to see magic from me but you also have a professional entertainer making your announcements in a way that is to your taste. I can make it fun and lively or more traditional depending on what you’d prefer. 

 As it would be you choosing to book me rather than a toastmaster added to your package (which you are paying for), it means that I will work with you weeks in advance to make sure we can set the tone and running order of your day. I will also supply you with a running order form so that as your emcee I will have the names and roles of everyone in your wedding party, the day’s timings and contact details of all your suppliers so I can make sure everything runs like clockwork. I am working for you not the venue. 

 I also supply my top of the range PA system which means I can introduce you or your entire wedding party into the room, with your chosen entrance songs. My PA can also be trusted to be reliable without the microphones cutting out which I’ve seen so often at wedding venues. 

Finally, as an entertainer I can warm up your guests before the speeches with a quick magic performance which will guarantee cheers and the waving of napkins enhancing your wedding photos and videos as well as starting your speeches off with an enthusiastic crowd.  

You want your wedding day to be memorable for the right reasons, you want every element of the day to run smoothly and successfully. You also want your day to be the one that guests will be thanking you for, as they have had a fun day and that your wedding was the best one, they’ve ever been to. 

A warm up cabaret before the speeches can add fun and laughter. Enhancing your photos

Why the Magic Wedding Emcee is your best option 

  • Interactive magic entertainment all day to break the ice and get people talking 
  • An organised and experienced professional on hand to keep your day on track 
  • Announcements made the way you want them made 
  • A top of the range PA system to ensure no technical hitches during the speech 
  • A short pre-speeches warm up cabaret to get your guests laughing and clapping 
  • You can relax and enjoy your big day knowing everything is being looked after 

To find out more please get in touch via my website contact form, email me at neil@elegantmagic.co.uk or by giving me a ring on 07914 62169.