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Are You Looking for Perfect Way to Entertain Your Wedding Guests?

Neil Edwards will Guarantee Your Wedding Day is filled with Laughter and Joy.

“Thanks so much for performing at our Wedding and doing such a great job. Lots of our guests commented that they had seen you and were amazed so thank you”

Diana & Alex

Your big day is going to be an Magicial, amazing whirlwind

Neil Entertains Your Guests Throughout Your Wedding Day

You can rest assured that your guests are been looked after

Your big day is going to be an amazing whirlwind with you in huge demand.
You can rest assured that while you are enjoying your Wedding your guests are being looked after and having fun with an experienced Wedding Entertainer.

You are going to be so busy, from having your photographs taken, cutting your cake, dancing your first dance that you will only have a few minute’s spare to chat with your family and friends. This is where I come in.

From the moment I arrive at your Wedding, I will make sure that everyone is not only looked after but gets to experience the fun and astonishment that my Magic provides. You will hear gasps of disbelief, cheers, shared laughter and applause as my interactive Magic creates an electric atmosphere.

Most importantly your guests will feel looked after and will have memories of the impossible they will want to share and thank you for.

“You will hear gasps of disbelief, cheers, shared laughter and applause as my interactive Magic creates an electric atmosphere”

As a full-time professional Magician, based in Chislehurst, Kent. I have years of experience interacting and entertaining thousands of people from all around the United Kingdom. You want your day to be perfect and I guarantee that I will be one of the highlights of the day with both you and all your guests.

Video: Magic Parlour is a Mini Theatre Magic Show Where People are able to Visit at their Leisure

The Magic Parlour Gives Your Guest's The Control to visit Neil and be Entertained

I have been offering a satisfaction guarantee for over 10 years now that says that “If you are not 100% happy with the entertainment I provide on the day I will not charge you any more than the deposit” and am very happy to say in all that time I have never been taken up on that offer.

Your Wedding is going to be the most Magical day for you and your partner. Why not let me add a little extra Magic to the day for everyone.

I can attend individual sections of the day or you can hire me for the whole event.

If you’ve never seen a Magician at a Wedding before and want to know how I will fit into your day, then here is a quick explanation of where most people want Magic entertainment.

Reception Drinks and Photographs

now it is time to Have your photo taken with your new spouse

And your family and friends

You are going to be busy being in every shot, so I’ll be there to look after everyone as they wait for their turn in front of the camera and make sure they are kept thoroughly entertained.

“I interact and entertain the guests whilst they wait for the photos to be taken”

I mingle around your reception and create a fun atmosphere as everyone gets to enjoy the impossible happening, not only right in front of their eyes but in their own hands.

The Wedding Breakfast

Each table will get a mini Magic show which will breaks the ice

No matter how you managed to get through the impossible mission of the dreaded table plan there is bound to be a mix of people at the tables, some of whom have never met.
This is where I come in.

“Delight your guests with some close-up Magic whilst dining”

In between the courses, each table will get a mini Magic show which not only breaks the ice but also gives them a common experience that they can talk about over dinner. Dinner Magic also creates a room full of laughs, gasps and applause.
As the top table, you also get some extra special Magic performed for you and your new spouse. It is your Wedding Day after all.

The Evening Reception

The DJ or band is not starting for an hour or so.

What’s happening during this time?

I can either mingle; bringing groups together and help boost the party atmosphere by getting the party started with some Wedding astonishment or can offer the “ Magic Parlour”.
“Magic Parlour” is totally unique to me and all is required is an area to set up a little performing area (2m x 1.5m) which comprises of a backdrop and a standing table.
It is like having a mini theatre Magic show at your Wedding with people being able to visit at their leisure and see as much Magic as they want to. This creates a destination that people will be visiting and urging others to visit. “Have you been over to the Magic booth over there? It’s fantastic”

Whichever option you choose I will make sure that the day keeps pace with top class entertainment before the dance floor beckons.

Feel free to contact me directly with any querys or get in touch thought the contact form.

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